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We hope that you will think this is one of the most innovative car related web sites on the Internet.

The initial motivation for creating this site was to provide Internet services to our own local car club. It was quickly decided that rather than help one car club, why not help ALL the car clubs. Our intention is to provide a site where car savvy but not computer savvy car clubs can put up and maintain their own individual part of our web site, thus quickly and easily getting a web prescence without all the hassel.   We want all car clubs to not only be able to post news and events, but also manage their membership roster, dues, and communications.

Please feel free to look around the public pages of our member car clubs. Come back often and see if any new clubs in your area have started posting information. Get your car club to start updating their section! View the Sample Club

Have your club officers take a look at the SAMPLE CAR CLUB site to see what features are available to any car club for FREE.

News and Announcements   Send email to to get your clubs events displayed here.

The Lone Star Miata Club has created a link to help members donate to the North Texas Food Bank during the current crisis. Use the following link: Donate to the Food Bank.   to find out the details.

The Lone Star Miata Club has posted information about their annual Texas Miata Challenge. Use the following link: Texas Miata Challenge.   to find out the details.

There is NO Roundup scheduled for 2020 by the Texas Miata Clubs.

Below is a list of some of the events scheduled by our clubs:

 Event DateClubEventDescriptionID
11-01-2020Lone Star Miata ClubTexas Miata Ice Cream Challenge 2021Drive to each of the designated points in Texas. Take a picture of you, your Miata, and the specified destination. If both driver and co-pilot are participating, both can appear in the same picture or a picture of each person, your Miata, and the destination. Group pictures are also allowed as long the picture clearly shows all participants and all their cars. In addition to 10 Ice Cream locations participants must include a picture of you & your Miata at your favorite Dairy Queen location, after all Diary Queen is Texas.214
4-10-2021Lone Star Miata ClubIce Cream Run to Lubbock and San AngeloDrive to Lubbock for the Holly Hop Ice Cream challenge spot. Spend night at Best Western Plus on I-27. Hotel rates for AAA, AARP, or Senior with cancel capability: 2 Queen beds: $75.59 1 King bed: $80.09 Dinner at Gastropub. Desert at Holly Hop Ice Cream. Sunday drive to San Angelo for The Lastest Scoop challenge spot and Lunch. Head home on Sunday.218
5-08-2021Lone Star Miata ClubLSMC PicnicAnnual club picnic: Please come join us for the club picnic on Saturday, May 8 from 11:00 am to 3 pm. Parr Park Pavilion Barbeque, plates, utensils, napkins, cups and ice will be provided by the club. Please bring a side or desert and your choice of beverage (non-alcoholic). Please RSVP ASAP as we need to provide headcount to caterer.219
The public is usually welcome to attend any of the club events above.

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Our most active club is the Lone Star Miata Club of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. Visit their club page by clicking the link above.

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Arkansas Miata Club is the latest car club to join our family

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