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The 2017 Texas Miata Challenge      14   drivers currently signed up.

Since we spend so much time sitting on our buns getting to the Challenge sites, for 2017, it’s time to put some buns in our tummies. All of the challenge sites this year feature hamburgers that were picked as some of the best in Texas! The goal is to take a picture of yourself with your car at each location. Participation is NOT LIMITED to Lone Star Miata Club members!

Participating in the Challenge is a fun way to see parts of the state you may not have thought of going to. Invite other members of your club to go with you, or strike out on your own. Whichever way your choose, you get to drive a Miata across Texas!

Participants can choose to make any 10 or all 12 of the designated points in Texas. Take a picture of you, your Miata, and the specified item at each destination. (Or get as close as you can with the car!) If both driver and co-pilot are participating, both must appear in the picture, or there should be a picture of each of them. Entries with 10 destinations will receive a specially designed pin and T-shirt.   Entries that include all 12 destinations will receive the Pin and T-shirt, and will also have their name entered into a drawing for additional special prizes. The drawing for prizes will be made at the annual Texas Miata Roundup in 2017.   Pictures can be submitted either electronically or as 4x6 prints on photo quality paper. Participants qualifying for the drawing by making all 12 locations must submit their entries as prints so that they may be displayed at the Roundup. Mail or turn entries into Bruce Gibson by October 1, 2017. Awards will be given out at the Annual Miata State Roundup or at your club meeting.

Mail 4x6 prints to: Bruce Gibson, 1020 Mesa Ct., Shady Shores, TX, 76208

or email to: Bruce Gibson at

So get out and drive your Miata around our beautiful state! Take your pictures and also take time to explore the area around the challenge site. It is not just about being there and getting a t-shirt, but also about driving our fun cars to new locations and getting a chance to see what else is there. Post comments about the interesting things you find or good places to eat below, so others can check them out when they are there!

You can download the   Official Entry Form   A simple list with a map can be downloaded      List       Map
Open to all Miata drivers, not just Texans!
...or, if you are logged into the website, you can click the Sign Up button below to register for the Challenge. Registered users can 'Check-in' at each location to show how they are doing, make comments, and upload their pictures.
Login and you can sign up for the challenge!

Information on all of the locations of the 2017 Texas Miata Challenge

1--Butcher Shop, Longview TX (Bakery, Burgers, Breakfast)
2--Hwy 276 Burgers N Fries, Royce City, TX (Burgers & Fries)
3--Tookie's Burgers, Seabrook, TX (Tookie's Cheeseburger)
4--Steergurger Grill & Pub, Rockport, TX (Honey Ham Burger)
5--Sissy's Saddle Shop Cafe, Cameron, TX (Southern, Pies)
6--Wllow Creek Cafe, Mason, TX (Burgers, Pies)
7--Horny Toad Bar & Grill, Cranfills Gap, TX (Toad Burger)
8--Perini Ranch Steakhouse (Ranch Burger)
9--Willie's Place, Wichita Falls, TX (Willy Burger)
10-The Crafthouse Gastropub, Lubbock, TX (Texas Burger)
11-Basin Burger House, Midland, TX (Green Chili Burger)
12-Rosco's Burger Inn, Tl Paso, TX (Basic Burger)

1. Butcher Shop, 102 Lehigh Street, Longview TX 75601     11   people already checked in
2. Hwy 276 Burgers N Fries, Royce City, TX     11   people already checked in
3. Tookie's Burgers, 1202 Bayport Blvd, Seabrook, TX 77586     11   people already checked in
4. Steerburger Grill & Pub, Rockport, TX     11   people already checked in
5. Sissy's Saddle Shop Cafe, Cameron, TX     11   people already checked in
6. Willow Creek Cafe, Mason, TX     11   people already checked in
7. Horny Toad Bar & Grill, Cranfills Gap, TX     12   people already checked in
8. Perini Ranch Steakhouse, Buffalo Gap, TX     12   people already checked in
9. Willie's Place, Wichita Falls, TX     12   people already checked in
10. The Crafthouse Gastropub, Lubbock, TX     11   people already checked in
11. Basin Burger House, Midland, TX     9   people already checked in
12. Rosco's Burger Inn, El Paso, TX     8   people already checked in
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